Boys and Men's Field Lacrosse

Field lacrosse is a full contact, outdoor version of lacrosse, played with nine runners and a goalie. Field lacrosse is the fastest growing game in North America at every level. Men's Field Lacrosse is played outdoors on a field. Men's Field is very similar to Box in the fundamental skills of passing and catching, and the physical nature of the play. The games differ in the style of play and strategy. The game is more strategic and relies more heavily on possession and control of the ball.

Girl's and Women's Field Lacrosse

Women's Field Lacrosse is a quick, free-flowing game which is easy to understand and watch. The game is played on a 100m x 55m field with twelve players aside on the field. The full roster of a Women's Field team is 16-20 players. Unlike Men's Field or Box Lacrosse, Women's Field is a non-contact sport. There is no aggressive checking with either the stick or the body. This results in a game which has added emphasis on a fastpaced, polished game centered on ball movement.

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